WordPress is used by ~33% of all websites on the internet

Around 33% of all websites on the Internet use WordPress. That number is astounding if you think about it. More than one in every three websites that you encounter are using WordPress. The support and community is second to none.

That means not only is WordPress popular for all websites, it’s especially popular for websites with a pre-built content management system. The next closest competitor – Joomla with 6.8% – doesn’t even come close to matching the success of WordPress.

WordPress has a huge library of plugins
That means you can add great functionality to your website without needing a programmer.

WordPress has a mammoth plugin community, on just the official extension websites alone (excluding third partys). WordPress has 52k+ plugins, Joomla comes 3rd with 8k and Drupal 2nd with 39k.

WordPress look changes easily with “themes”
Much like WordPress plugins, WordPress also offers an incredible collection of themes for your website. Themes let you control exactly how your website looks with customisation options unique to every theme.

WordPress is in 169 languages
WordPress has been translated into 169 languages, by far the best support any CMS has ever had.

WordPress is affordable compared to other solutions
The WordPress software itself is free and you can find thousands of free themes and plugins to build your WordPress website with. That means your only unavoidable fixed costs are WordPress hosting and a domain name. All in, it’s possible to run a basic WordPress site for as little as £40 per year, though you’ll exceed this if you want premium plugins or themes.

Beyonce uses WordPress
While plenty of small websites use WordPress, you can also find big brands using WordPress. You’ll find huge companies like Sony Music and Mercedes Benz, artists like beyonce, publishers like BBC America and Reuters, and unis like Harvard University and the University of Washington.

It’s easy to find WordPress help
WordPress is the most popular content management system in the world, there is a huge support community for anything and everything related to WordPress. Plenty of website blogs post WordPress tutorials, and there are also dedicated WordPress community support forums, as well as helpful beginner-friendly video tutorials.

WordPress is incredibly flexible
Because of its huge plugin ecosystem, you can use WordPress for everything from creating an eCommerce store to launching a local directory like Yellow Pages / Yelp to building a social networks and lots more.

WordPress isn’t just for websites anymore
WordPress has made its REST API a massive focus lately, which opens up the door for developers to create all kinds of interesting applications based on WordPress. In the future, you will be able to use all of your WordPress content in new and exciting ways.